Smaller budget cuts for England’s NHS


According to a paper, health services in Wales will be reduced by 11% during a period of four years, while England will benefit from a price cut of only 0.9%. Health costs will also go down by 2.2% by 2014 in Northern Ireland and by 3.3% in Scotland in 2012.

John Appleby from the King’s Fund, revealed in a paper posted on “On average, over the last seven years, NHS spending per head in Scotland has been around 15 per cent higher than in England – equivalent to a financial gap of over £15 billion; or the annual budget of London’s entire NHS.”

This appears to be a part of a political campaign as David Cameron might prepare his pre-election promises. The NHS as well as other departments need to make some sacrifices in order to keep the budget as normal as possible. Simon Burns believes that these numbers only show how the Labour party manages the NHS.

The NHS Confederation has not yet handled the “financial case” and these variations appear to be free to take place all over the country. According to John Appleby, who is the chief economist at the King’s Fund, England will virtually be protected from the “deluge” of cuts that will happen all over the Kingdom.

In Wales, the Government believes that the cut predicted for their NHS seems to be rather “challenging” but health still represents the sector where most of the money are spend. A Welsh representative said:

We will continue to invest more than 40% of our budget – the Welsh Government’s largest single budget – in health and social services.

Mr. Appleby says the “NHS is being protected” and the government must take everything seriously as health expenditures will grow significantly. The NHS in UK is more important than its activity elsewhere as London spends twice as much as Wales or Scotland put together.
England revealed less health expenditures and thus managed to get the lowest of all cuts. NHS spent more in other territories like Scotland, where gaps were registered at £15 billion.


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