Reduced smoking rates can save money and improve health


The Welsh Government believes the NHS can save money and even improve health rates by convincing their taxpayers to cut down on smoking or even quit for good.

Smoking is the cause of many major diseases which the NHS needs to support financially. Estimates show that the system spends about £1 million each day for treating illnesses caused by the ‘hard-to-let-go-of’ addiction.

One in four people in Britain smoke, regardless of the risks involved and many youths feel encouraged to buy a pack of cigarettes, especially if they consume alcohol. Most Britons usually begin to smoke before they reach 25, but in Wales the situation is stark. More 11 and 12 year olds start smoking because of the improper influence they face as well as the social background they find themselves in.

The Welsh Government will try to reduce the spread of tobacco and make it harder for youngsters to get it. There will be new regulations backed up by the 2009 Health Act. Welsh youths will not be able to purchase or see tobacco in stores or vending machines.
The young population is encouraged to smoke in many ways, but the most important is that is shows the “cool” aspect of it. This makes it even harder to prohibit as well as limit advertisements.

What is a bad thing is that the UK Government still delays the installment of these new regulations, fact which only shows that Wales needs to take the matter into its own hands in order to protect the health of upcoming generations.

In the course of the next years the Welsh Government will try to save as much as it possibly can in order to improve the health budget and health itself. According to Dr. Richard Lewis, Wales shows a decrease in smoking rates but they are not enough to make the results count and help the NHS in its quest to save more money.


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