NHS needs new leaders to take charge


An inquiry conducted by a commission from The King’s Fund, which lasted almost nine months, made clear the fact that NHS needs to overhaul its leadership and management status. It needs to hire new manager in order to cope with the financial crisis it currently undergoes as well as other problems which will need to be confronted in the close future.

The commission’s report focused on productivity and service management within the NHS. There is a ‘call to arms’ which needs to be done at an administration level as well as other requirements.

The King’s Fund commission believes that in order to maintain a stable management, health services need to rise up to the required expectations. This acts in contradiction with the average number of days spent by NHS chief executive for doing the job – which is 700. Collaboration is the key ingredient for what the commission called a “shared leadership”. Such an action requires the NHS to use its workforce in a system which promotes team play and collaborations, or simply put a joint effort in order to enhance the quality of its services.

Prof. Chris Ham, who lead the commission and is also the chief executive at the King’s Fund, believes that the number of managers and the efficiency levels should be indirectly proportioned. He said:

We know there is public support for reducing the number of NHS managers. But given the immense challenges facing the NHS, politicians of all parties must resist the temptation to denigrate the value of management in delivering excellent and efficient services. The priority for the future NHS must be to deliver the best care possible to those with chronic and long-term conditions. That needs a new style of NHS leader, as adept at building partnerships to deliver care across boundaries as they are at managing their own services.

The coalition government agreed to make a 45% cut down in management posts currently held by the NHS. This, along with a 33% cut in administration costs must bring NHS on a path towards efficiency and service improvement.


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