NHS Coping Much Better Under Pressure


Recent numbers are showing a major decrease in hospital A&E waiting times; 323 patients in December 2012 were waiting on an average of 12 hours to be tended to. This number has dropped by 87% in December of 2013, where only 42 patients waited over 12 hours.

The number of patients spending over 8 hours in A&E has dropped by 67%. By 2013 the amount of patients being treated in the emergency unit was within the 4 hour target which was an encouraging 93.5%.

Only two hospital wards had to be closed, compared to 11 just a year ago. Flu rates are at a normal level for this time of year. A new health care system was put into place known as the ‘three year #50 million emergency care action plan’ this was put into place to improve emergency care across Scotland.

Various health boards across Scotland have given millions to support emergency planning for the winter, NHS chiefs have put in a number of new measures to help with the added winter strain.

The NHS boards are coping well, much better than they were last year at this time. NHS Fort Valley was introduced by health boards to aide the elderly in trying to remain in their homes. It has also provided extra beds at the Stirling Community Hospital. It is looking into ways of making sure patients are not staying in hospital for unnecessary prolonged periods of time. But instead is looking into finding ways to aide, especially the elderly as if they are in hospital too long they tend to lose their confidence and mobility.

Providing a wide range of specialists care can help get them back into their homes, living an independent life.

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