Millions are wasted on NHS’s inability to spot blood clots


Doctors who cannot be able to ascertain whether or not patients have developed blood clots or not have cost the NHS more than £112 million since 2005. The figures only represent the legal claims made by the patients or their families.

The data coming from the NHS Litigation Authority shows the amount that has already went to patients or to their relatives because of the doctors’ failed diagnostics. Guidelines state that all the patients who find themselves approved for hospitalization need to be checked for clots. Further calculations reveal that if the practices don’t change and the doctors keep missing the clots, the claims will reach more than £250 million by the year 2015.

Blood clots, which are also called venous thromboembolism or VTE, are responsible for more than 25,000 deaths in England each year. Most cases can be avoided by taking the right responsibility and the proper care.

The medical director of NHS, Sir Bruce Keogh said:

I expect organisations to assess every patient for their individual risk of getting a blood clot, and then to provide the appropriate prevention.

A study by Lifeblood made on the Department of Health reveals that only a number of 30 UK hospitals out of 159 are respecting the risk assessment of 90 percent of the patients who are admitted to hospital. According to Lifeblood, this may very well mean that about 4.5 million patients don’t benefit from these mandatory check-ups.

The medical director of the charity association Lifeblood, Prof. Beverley Hunt, issued a stark warning:

The NHS has some excellent new thrombosis prevention guidelines in place but if hospitals don’t take urgent action to meet these mandatory prevention goals, then patients will increasingly turn to the courts for compensation.

NHS will be better off by having the assessments respected rather than paying money and risking more lives. Time is not what patients have at their expense and the results for the following years need to be better.


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