Mental Assessments – NHS England Falling Financially Short


Psychiatrists have the apologies of the NHS England for the delays on their delayed payments on assessments of those detained forcibly under the Mental Health Act.

Apologies are not going to pay the doctor’s personal bills- actions speak louder than words. One psychiatrist has been awaiting payment for almost a year.

NHS England states that the delays are due to financial issues of the new NHS commissioning system. They agree that is unacceptable that anyone should have to wait and extended period of time for payment for services rendered.

This particular sector or section of the Mental Health Act of England has been used over 50,000 times, between 2012-2013.

A psychiatrist in London (Dr. al-Allaq) has claimed that he is owed tens of thousands of pounds for assessments he made under the Mental Health Act which he conducted in London.

In order for a doctor to be qualified or able to forcibly detain a person they must be a ‘section 12′ doctor. They are approved under the Mental Health Act to be given this authority.

Dr. Ali al- Allaq has also shared that he and fellow colleagues are refusing to go out in the evenings to see patients- he believes the numbers of people that need to be sectioned would increase.

‘Developing Crisis’
Haringey clinical commissioning group is who Dr. al-Allaq works for; they agree with the doctor that there has definitely been problems in the area of payment by the NHS of England. They are hoping that NHS England will sort out this developing crisis before it gets too out of hand. is so fed up he is thinking of looking for work elsewhere as he is losing confidence of ever getting paid even some of the money he is owed.

NHS England stated that payment structures in some areas are not clear which they are working on sorting out. They realise this must be taken care of, as the service is a vital one that is much needed.

They are working to have a payment structure that will be up and running affectively for 2014-2015. They also announced that the psychiatrists in Enfield and Haringey will receive their much overdue payments within a week.

Developing crisis in connection with mental health care due to factors such as reductions in funding, services being cut or becoming diminished is having a grave effect. This is making it harder for families of patient to get access to the proper care that is needed for their loved one that suffers from mental health problems.

Recently a young man (Daniel Murphy,28,) fell to his death from a road bridge shortly after walking out of a hospital that he had been admitted to earlier that day. Daniel was taken to the hospital due to him having a mental breakdown earlier that day. The mental health crisis team told his GP to have him admitted to hospital. His mother left him in the hospitals care but she was unaware that he would have to wait till the next day before he would see a psychiatrist as that area of the hospital was closed on this Sunday evening. Due to proper care being unavailable when it was needed this young man lost his life.

The South Staffordshire and Shropshire Healthcare Trust acknowledges that their patients’ needs were not handled well and that he should have had a home assessment or had one done at the hospital. They have since issued a new guidance to make sure that future responses are appropriate.

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