Hospital waiting times reach record hights


According to an independent source, hospital waiting times are at their highest point in three years. The Kings Fund reveals that February was the month in which 15% of hospitalized people waited more than 18 weeks in order to get treatment, the longest one recorded since April 2008.

The coalition neglected in June 2010 what the previous political power believed to achieve, and that is the possibility of treatment within 18 weeks. This projection towards a faster access to treatment could have been made available to almost 90% of the patients.

It appears that the National Health Service (NHS) is the one responsible for this report. The report reveals that the NHS struggled with the financial issues regarding the deficit suffered by the government. In order to maintain the budget, the NHS has to save up to £20m by the year 2015.

Prof. Appleby, who is a chief economist, believes there will be a strain on the NHS to resolve this funding issue. He said: “With hospital waiting times rising, the NHS faces a considerable challenge in maintaining performance as the financial squeeze begins to bite.”

Even waiting times for patients who have suffered car accidents are increasing little by little and are now passing the 4 hour mark.

The trouble is it’s hard to see what the mechanisms are to keep that target low. I think the issue is how far they will continue to rise and at what point does the public start to notice

added Prof. Appleby.

The public already began to notice how waiting times affect the way in which they are treated. More people turn to the private sector and choose private clinics instead of local hospitals. Restrictions are even made to cancer treatments and hip or knee replacements. It is easy to see why people think the worst is still to come. 2015 is still far away, and time is not a luxury sick people can afford.


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