Government promises to reduce NHS waiting times to a maximum of 18 weeks


The Scottish Government wants to cut down waiting times to a maximum of 18 weeks. Health Secretary Nicola Sturgeon believes the NHS times are too long for the people to await treatment.

This isn’t going to be too hard to accomplish as estimates show that over the last three months almost three quarters of the patients admitted were treated within 18 weeks.
The data gathered by the NHS reveals that 99.9% of the patients follow a 12 weeks period before getting a treatment. Another estimate shows that 99.7% of all patients don’t spend more than nine weeks before receiving treatment, and sometimes even less than that.

Ms. Sturgeon said: “As the recently re-appointed Health Secretary I want to give my assurance today that there will be no let up in this government’s bid to drive down waiting times. Patients continue to tell me that prompt access to treatment, delivered as locally as possible, is one of their top priorities, and that is why we are continuing to put such an emphasis on cutting waiting times.”

She believes that it will rather challenging for the Scottish NHS to up the numbers to 100%, but the Secretary is committed to work the problem out. If the waiting times are cut even more then the NHS will get to spend less, which is exactly what the administration wants.

“I expect that they will now be planning for sustained action to ensure that this pledge is delivered and will closely monitor progress over the coming months,” explained Ms. Sturgeon.

The Secretary wants the NHS in Scotland to be as successful as the NHS in England, but there still is a long way to go until both of the countries will reach the same level. The figures show that this isn’t an impossible job, but nothing is easy when dealing with the health system.


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