David Cameron’s passionate defence of the NHS


David Cameron launched a passionate attack on Labour’s ‘lies’ about the NHS, bringing tears to his wife’s eyes.

She became tearful after he said he knew ‘better than most’ how much the NHS meant after his severely disabled son, Ivan, received care from them.

He stated that the Labour party was spreading ‘lies’ and talking ‘rubbish’.

He said the Labour Party once again raised the same old rubbish regarding the Conservatives and the NHS and that they were spreading complete and utter lies. He thought to himself – how dare you? He stated that it was the Labour Party who offered the people the scandal at Mid Staffs with elderly dying of neglect and begging for water.

The Prime Minister said this was a personal issue for him as he is someone who has had to rely on the NHS. He said his family knows more than most what it is like to go to hospital night after night with a sick child in arms, knowing that when you arrive, you will have people who care for your child and love them as their own.

He questioned how Labour could possibly suggest that he would risk this service for the children of others. He wanted to know how they could dare to frighten those who are reliant on the NHS at this time. He said this statement may be the only comment by Labour that results in a cheer at their Party conference, but he thinks it is pathetic.

Mr Cameron discussed the use of this passage in his speech with his wife and she felt that it was important to discuss the NHS and how it affected their lives.

He earlier brought back the memory of his son, Ivan, when he made a personal commitment to increase spending on the NHS.

His son suffered from epilepsy and cerebral palsy and passed away at the age of only six, during 2009.

David Cameron supported increased investment into DNA research, recalling the agony he and his family endured by not knowing what was wrong with Ivan. He said this country unravelled DNA and are now mapping it for each person. He added that cracking this code could result in the cure of genetic diseases and saving lives. He further stated that the NHS is a world leader in this technology.

He said he had a personal understanding of the difference this technology could make. He added that when you have a child who is so ill and the doctors are unable to tell you what is wrong with him and why, you would give anything to find out.

He stated that the investment he hopes to make will mean that more patients are provided with answers and hopefully, the cures.

The Prime Minister has often referred to the personal debt he has with the NHS, since he spent many hours sleeping on the floor at his son’s bedside.

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