New test can determine when you will die


£435 is what it costs for person to find out how long they have left to live. The test involves analyzing a person’s telomeres to ascertain the rate of cellular decay. This is the direct route towards setting the watch for the actual final countdown.

Telomeres are located in the DNA strands and are known to be the ending parts of the chromosomes. They act as protectors and present themselves as ambassadors of one’s age. The more rings a tree has the older it gets. People aren’t checked for rings but for the length of their telomeres. The longer they are, the longer the life span.

The possibility of having one’s telomeres came as an idea to Life Length, a company from Spain who believes the test will be available as of this year.

Maria Blasco, the head of research at the Spanish National Cancer Research Center, believes that the length of the telomeres provides a decent amount of information regarding a person’s health state and his or her age. She said:

Knowing whether our telomeres are a normal length or not for a given chronological age will give us an indication of our health and of our physiological age even before diseases appear.

She also thinks that people from both Europe and the United States will be interested in paying this amount of money for a test which will provide valuable information about their current state health and predictions about how their bodies will behave. According to Mrs. Blasco, people will also be able to see the bigger picture and conform to living a better life and adopt better lifestyles. Their eating habits will change and so will their views concerning the less healthy aspects of their lives such as smoking or drinking.

Maria Blasco is confident about the accurateness of the test. She said that the telomeres will be subjected to a careful process while analyzing their structures.

Many will condemn the test and believe that knowing your date of death will do no good. This is what Dr. Greider from Harvard Medical School believes as well. He said that this information will affect the human psyche and create other problems. No one can tell for sure the date when life ends but an accurate estimate can be ensured by taking the test.


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