New injection to reduce heart attacks by half


Heart attacks and even strokes can be reduced by 50% or more due to the discovery of a new injection. A study made by British scientists revealed that a treatment can reduce the tissue damage for both the heart and the brain by 60% or more.

They first made tests on mice and other small mammals before applying the medicine on humans, but human blood proved to be more than important for testing. Although the scientists are not right where they should be at the moment, and that is human testing, they do hope to develop a human version at Leicester University in no more than a couple of years.

Like all injections and vaccines, the most important part of testing consists in developing the right antibody in order to stop the cells from damaging even more. These antibodies will act as the main defender against other antibodies from the immune system which are “hard-wired” to destroy cells that lack oxygen.

Prof. Wilhelm Schwaeble, an immunologist who did most of the experiments regarding the new injection, believes that this new drug will be the “biggest breakthrough ever”. His optimistic view has a solid base as Britons do confront the two most frequent causes of death in Britain.

Another aspect could represent more secure and successful organ transplants, as the body will be able to welcome new “tenants” much easier than before. The immune system will cease to act as violently as before.

Professor Wilhelm made a comment for a British newspaper, saying:

We could not believe what we saw and nor could the cardiologists. What is amazing is that the drug can be given so long after the attack. Even the slowest ambulance journey in the world is going to get you to hospital within nine hours.

Around 100,000 die from heart attacks each year in England alone. Of those 100,000 about 62,000 are men and 39,000 are women. Strokes raise the death toll to about 49,000 losses each year.


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