New autopsy centre due to open in Sandwell


A new autopsy centre costing £1.2m, and only the third of its kind in the country, is due to be opened in Sandwell. It will allow for post mortems to be done without the use of a knife, but instead making use of technology.

The new centre will make use of a body scanner, similar to those used in hospitals, but with increased radiography to allow for a 3D image of the body to be created.

The bosses at the centre, which is located at Sandwell Valley Crematorium, said that it will allow 70% of post mortems to be done without the requirement for an invasive method.

A consultant radiologist at the centre, Professor Peter Gaines, said that they will be able to use the digital information provided by the body scanner. This will allow for quicker turnaround on the cause of death and no need to open up the body to do the post mortem.

The facility will be available to anyone within the country, however, it will be free of charge for residents of Sandwell. The service will commence on 24 November.

The company which operates this particular facility, iGene from Malaysia, are due to open 18 new centres over the next few months.

The senior coroner for the Black Country, Mr Zafar Siddique, is very impressed with the new facilities and keen to use the digital technology. He said the loss of a loved one is a traumatic experience for family members and anything to ease this loss will be helpful.

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