We need a defib, Aisle 5!


The superstore giant ASDA has now started implementing its plan to have every one of its 58 stores in Scotland equipped with the lifesaving defibrillator.

According to statistics, a substantial number of people (some 60,000) suffer from cardiac arrest outside of hospital- but unfortunately for every 10 victims there’s only 1 survivor. When a person suffers from cardiac arrest, the chance of survival drops by 10 % for every minute that the patient is not sufficiently treated using CPR and de-fibrillation. In such life-threatening situations, calling the ambulance will usually take several minutes to respond to cases like cardiac arrest, significantly reducing the chance for the victim to survive. Acknowledging this concerning issue, ASDA has made a tremendous move to contribute to the public welfare by installing defibrillators in every store of the chain in Scotland; also they have trained CPR staff in order to be able to cope well and quickly enough with any emergency. The project has reported to cost over £500,000 from the supermarket leader and is being received as a positive social step to help out the wider community.

As long as there’s a defibrillator installed in every ASDA store in Scotland, whenever there are people suffering from heart attack in close proximity (regardless whether they’re shopping or not) they will receive this life-saving medical assistance- how can you put this idea down as a publicity stunt?

The following series of actions should be followed to increase the chance of survival during a heart attack: Quickly call 999 and try to find instant medical treatment with early CPR if available and de-fibrillation. By doing so, the victim will have 75% greater chance of survival. These devices can make a huge difference in the life of somebody who needs it nearby; it could mean the difference between somebody having further complications form the cardiac arrest that could badly affect their daily life forever.

The CEO from the British Heart Foundation, Simon Gillespie, is a complete advocate of this project saying that the survival rates of cardiac arrest are surprisingly low and ASDA’s efforts in installing the defibrillator in every store will be a significant lifesaver for many people throughout the country, even while doing normal activities like shopping.

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