Pills for MS patients are now available


A specially designed pill that will remove the first manifestation of sclerosis has been produced. It will take over where normal treatments such as injections and infusions have failed or are doing poorly.

The medicine is called Fingolimod and it cuts the relapse rate of certain patients by half. An estimate has shown that more than 100,000 people in the United Kingdom are suffering from multiple sclerosis (MS). It is the first oral treatment for MS that is known to have been approved so far.

The National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence, in short, NICE, is undertaking the task of analyzing the medicine in order to ascertain its cost. This will show if Fingolimod will be free of charge to NHS patients. The eventual costs for treating a non NHS patient will rise up to about £20,000 for only one year.

Multiple Sclerosis happens due to the destruction of myelin – a cover that protects the nerve fibers – by the body’s own immune system. It comes as good news for patients who have shown a particular rejection to the common pills that treat MS.

An example can be the case of Amanda Cook who used to have one relapse per year. By taking the new pill she started feeling much better. She even revealed that the symptoms similar to flu that happened due to taking beta interferon have disappeared.

Ms. Cook made a comment to Sky News. She said:

I can do whatever I like. Before it was difficult to plan anything because I never knew how I would feel for 48 hours after the injection. I could not go out or go to work. My life was planned around my injections, which I do not have to do now.

As an alternative it may offer another chance for patients who have recently found that they suffer from Multiple Sclerosis. Fingolimod comes as an answer to the known natalisumab, which creates very dangerous side effects. This has made the current pill more important and also highly recommended by doctors and specialists alike.


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