Patients to have access to new drugs sooner


A promise has been made by ministers to reduce the length of time it takes for NHS patients to receive new life-saving drugs.

The Government is considering new methods of how new drugs are tested and approved.

According to life sciences minister, George Freeman, unlocking the power the NHS has to become a ‘test-bed’ for new medical innovations could result in the time it takes for patients to be offered new drugs, to be drastically reduced.

Officials stated that the review of the procedure would consider how digital health technology and precision medicine could allow new products to be moved from the laboratory as safely and quickly as possible.

Mr Freeman said NHS patients have for too long seen innovations and drugs being developed in the UK, but not adopted in the NHS.

He said they are determined to unlock the power of the NHS as a test-bed for 21st century medical innovations that are needed to get NHS patients quicker access, to reduce the drug development cost and to boost the life science sector.

Some of the issues that will be reviewed include how a ‘collaborative’ approach between the evaluation and regulatory bodies and the pharmaceutical companies can be developed to ensure innovative products are assessed faster.

It will also consider whether patient groups and charities are to a play a bigger role and what else could be done to promote that fast adoption of important innovations into practice.

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