Painkiller Palexia comes to the UK


UK hospital patients can now opt for a new painkiller called Palexia SR. It was launched not long ago and it is available throughout Britain.

Grunenthal’s tapentadol, the scientific name of Palexia, appears to have been somewhat unsuccessful across the EU countries, and has been the reason for financial losses reaching billions of euros.

The Palexia SR painkiller, or tapentadol with prolonged release, represents a new pill which belongs to a class of analgesics known as MOR-NRI. These types of analgesics use the μ-opioid receptor, or MOR and noradrenaline in order to relieve patients from pain.

Palexia, which is developed in Aachen, Germany, showed encouraging results while being tested and at the same time compared to the common oxycodone CR. The new painkiller appears to be doing well when dealing with side effects. Among the most known side effects reported after ingesting painkillers are nausea, vomiting and constipation. Oxycodone CR reveals a 61.7 percent discontinuation while Palexia only 43.5 percent. This clearly shows that the new drug is fairly better in terms of both stomach and bowel friendliness. Another important aspect is the time patients cope with treatments when prescribed the new drug. An average of 118 days was registered for patients who were taking Palexia SR, while the ones who stuck to the oxycodone SR managed only 39.

Dr. Mick Serpell from Scotland, who is a clear supporter of Palexia, said:

The management of chronic pain patients can be difficult as the side effects of current strong painkillers can be intolerable. We find that many patients with even the most severe chronic pain stop taking their treatment.

An estimate shows that almost 20% of all British adults suffer from chronic pains. This is important as it clearly shows the impact it has on the economy. Back pain treatments drain more than £12 billion each year – more than one fifth of NHS’ budget for one year.


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