New High-Tech Imaging Centre For Glasgow to Aid in Personalised Medicine


The Scottish government has released plans to fund the development of a high-tech imaging centre in Glasgow. This centre could aid in the development of specific personalised medications.

Alex Neil, the Health Secretary, has announced funding of £3 million for this initiative. The centre will form part of the £15.3 million clinical research facility which will be based on the new site of the South Glasgow Hospital. This funding makes it possible for the new state of the art research imaging centre to be up and running when the new hospital is set to open during 2015.

The process of personalised medicine involves creating treatments that are specifically tailored to the patient, based on their gene pool. The advanced equipment that will be available to medics will allow them to predict the treatments that will be the most effective for the patients. The Health Secretary has stated that this personalised medication system will hold massive potential in developing new treatments for diseases like cancer. He also stated that it is signifying a move away from single treatment types for all patients to a more specific single patient method.

The funding is indicative of the Scottish government’s support of and confidence in the NHS Greater Glasgow and the University of Glasgow’s abilities to bring innovation into the NHS.

The imaging centre will ensure Glasgow’s position at the forefront of research which will allow them new technology to bring a glimpse of the future into personalised medicine.

The vice-principal and head of the College of Medical, Veterinary and Life Sciences at the Glasgow University, Professor Anna Dominiczak, has said that the development of this specialised type of medicine would play a critical role in the long term ability to meet the challenges of aging populations and options for advanced treatment methods for healthcare services globally.


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