Leicester Royal Infirmary Report Swine Flu Cases


Six children are reported to have been diagnosed with swine flu at the Leicester Royal Infirmary. Three of the six have remained in isolation, whilst two have been transferred to another facility. The sixth youngster has been discharged. Leicester Royal Infirmary has issued a statement confirming that the children have all received anti-viral medication and are responding well.

The bug is normally spread by infected drops from the mouth and nose. It was discovered in the hospital on February 14th and after cleaning and disinfecting, the ward was re-opened on Tuesday.
It is believed that the bug was carried into the hospital by a visitor. Due to the vigilance within the institution, the bug was brought under control quickly and effectively.

Approximately five years ago, Britain experienced a swine flu pandemic which caused chaos across the country. The pandemic was responsible for 214 deaths and lasted for about 11 months. During that period, it is believed that at least 70 British youngsters died from the illness. At the time, thousands were unable to go to work and schools were shut due to fear of the illness spreading.

Over the past two months, at least 24 people have died from the virus in Egypt. Cases have been reported in Ireland and Scotland this year. There is currently a six-year old who has contracted the bug, but is in a ‘stable but serious’ condition.

The symptoms related to the virus include a cough and a quick onset of high fever.

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