Hospital infections going down


According to a new report, hospital infections in Scotland are plummeting vertiginously. This is the third year in a row in which the number of elderly people suffering from clostridium difficile has dropped. In 2010 there were 2200 cases reported, which is about 38% less than what estimated showed just the year before.

Numbers show that even the MRSA infections are going down for the last five years. According to the HPS 2010 was the year in which infections were reduced by 33%.

The reason why patients now show less and less signs of infections is mainly because hospitals are now screening patients thoroughly before admitting them. This and a better prescription of antibiotics may be the cause of the reduced number of infections. Doctors are more familiar with the types of antibiotics necessary for each and every type of infection. A precise treatment allows the infection to be completely eliminated from the body and doesn’t allow the bacterium to develop any type of resistance to it. As treatments showed better results, people began to improve their health and didn’t get infected again.

Prof. Jacqui Reilly, who is the lead consultant for infections at HPS, believes these rates show that hospitals practice a better hygiene and also a better administration. He said: “While we are making good progress, we must guard against complacency and ensure that we remain focused on preventing and controlling these evolving and complex infections.”

People have been washing their hands more often and hospitals are disinfecting their wards more carefully. These key steps are making the difference for combating most infection-related diseases and syndromes. The simplest of actions can keep the bugs away if done correctly.


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