Ebola screening for Birmingham and Manchester airports


Ebola screening is due to commence at Birmingham and Manchester airports.

According to Public Health England (PHE), staff will commence checking those coming from countries affected with Ebola.

This process will be implemented after the checks are introduced at St Pancras and Gatwick during next week.

The screening process of passengers from Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia, began at Heathrow earlier this week.

The Government earlier insisted that additional checks were unnecessary, but changed their attitude after advice was offered by Dame Sally Davis, the chief medical officer.

The guidelines for screening include questioning people about their recent contacts and travel arrangements.

The health secretary, Jeremy Hunt, admitted last week that 10% of those taking indirect routes would avoid screening. He said it was ‘likely’ that the UK will see a ‘handful’ of cases over the next three months.

An estimated 4500 people have already died from the virus in West Africa.

Mr. Selbie stated in his weekly staff message that once the measures had been implemented at Heathrow, Gatwick and the Eurostar terminal based at St Pancras, they would be implemented at other entry ports in the country. He said the focus will be on St Pancras and Gatwick next week, and once settled there, it would be rolled out to Birmingham and Manchester.

He added that he is fully aware that people are being taken away from their normal jobs, but they are giving consideration to how this can become more sustainable and are listening to those on the ground.

He stated that he is positive that they have the manpower with knowledge on how to keep the country safe and that is their intention.

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