Are Short People Intellectually Challenged?


A new study undertaken by scientists which included Edinburgh University academics, states that taller people are more likely to have a higher IQ than their shorter counterparts. The Scotsman reported that the findings stated that individuals who are shorter than average may have a lower intelligence quotient than those who were taller.

These findings are based on data which was compiled from a five year study of thousands of people. The levels of intelligence were calculated by asking the participants to undergo a number of tests. The tests included powers of recall, reaction times and linguistic ability.

During the period from 2006 to 2011, academics analysed DNA markers of more than 6,800 people who were unrelated. This study was a joint effort between University College London and Aberdeen University.

Scientists tested the results of whether DNA based genetic similarities in people were related to similarities in intelligence and height. Previous studies that have been done made use of family data to look at the similarities between intelligence and height, but this study is the first to look at these similarities by using actual DNA markers of people who are not related.

The final conclusion of the study revealed that at least 70% of the connection between IQ and height is attributable to genetics, whilst the remaining 30% is made up of environmental factors.

Scientists believe that gaining an understanding of genetic links between height and intelligence will provide them with a method of predicting individual health problems.

A researcher at Edinburgh University, Riccardo Marioni, has stated that the link may be tiny, but it is still an important discovery.

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