Tesco to introduce ‘Weight Watchers’-style diet service


Tesco has decided to launch a diet service which offers guidance on ways to achieve weight loss targets, along with a range of meals that are calorie controlled.

This scheme will place the supermarket chain on the same platform as Slimming World and Weight Watchers, two of the organisations which have dominated the weight loss market to the point where they have been accepted into the NHS.

To make use of the system, shoppers can enter their weight and height into Tesco’s health and Wellbeing website and in return receive fitness advice, a personal eating plan and guidance.

Tesco has launched a new range of calorie-controlled products called ‘my fit lifestyle’. The products are categorised into colour coded headings which range from 100 to 500 calories and these can be used to create daily menus.

The initial launch of the range will take place in London. The methods being used build on a new trend in the US where personalised eating plans are devised and menu suggestions adding up to less than 2000 daily calories are offered.

Breakfast may include granola with Greek style yoghurt, apple, pear and berries, with a ‘pomegranate, blueberry and grape fruit pot, and a roasted snack mix. These will add up to around 398 calories.

Lunch may include a superfood with fruit and a pack of smoked paprika and cream cheese popcorn, which total about 608 calories.

For dinner you may have a ‘Mediterranean graze box’ which consists of salad, vegetables and a dip, along with a roasted snack mix, totalling 594 calories.

The diet is flexible which allows you to follow an overall meal plan or you can balance out the days when you overindulge. The meal plan offers a wide range which offers sufficient variety for dieters to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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