The launch of campaign for safety on building sites


Safety inspectors have pledged that they would take determined action on unsafe working practices and poor standards on building in Britain.

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) have launched a month-long campaign in a bid to reduce the number of accidents which result in injury or death.

The chief inspector of construction at HSE, Philip White, has urged building firms to ensure that working conditions on their sites are safe. He said that although progress has been made in the industry in reducing the number of fatalities and injuries during its activities, for every fatal accident, there are about 100 workers who die from work-related cancer.

During the recent initiative, it was necessary to take enforcement action on one in six sites. Mr. White stated that they consistently find smaller contractors who are working on repairs and refurbishments, failing to offer their workers protection, mainly through poor risk control and a lack of awareness.

He added that this was unacceptable as it costs lives.

He said that the aim of this type of campaign is to ensure that all contractors view the risks to their workers in a serious light and not simply focus on immediate safety implications.

The general secretary of construction union Ucatt, Steve Murphy, welcomed the month long clampdown on those employers who are risking their workers’ health. He stated that although this is a welcome crackdown, workers’ health is being damaged throughout the year and for this reason it is necessary for the HSE to obtain additional resources to allow them to offer proper protection for construction worker safety.

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