The average Brit spends £50,000 on alcohol over their lifetime


A charity calling for abstinence from alcohol consumption during October has warned that the average person in Britain spends almost £50000 on alcohol during their lifetime.

According to Macmillan Cancer Support, each Briton spends about £787 on alcohol each year, with Londoners spending more. The research, which was conducted by Onepoll, included 2000 over-18 participants. On average, males spent around £934.44 per annum, compared to females at £678.60.

However, there are also the hardcore 1.3 million who spend almost three times the average amount by spending £167000 on alcohol during their lifetime.’s Martin Lewis said it is not only the price of buying alcohol that should be considered, but the fact that when people drink, they lose their spending inhibition as well. Everyone is aware of the cheap night out which results in a budget breaker. He said that one could save quite a huge amount by going sober, even for one month only.

The charity is calling for people to abstain during October in a bid to raise awareness of the benefits to health and financial savings. Macmillan Cancer Support’s Hannah Redmond, said by abstaining during October and obtaining sponsorships to do it, not only will you save money and gain health benefits, but you will also raise critical funds to help support people affected by cancer.

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