Tai Chi recommended for elderly people


Tai Chi is recommended for elderly people as its exercises helps release stress levels and offer relaxation. When the body gets older people are experiencing changes pertaining to both physical and psychological levels. Feelings of anxiety or even depression are heightened among other forms of behavioral turmoil. Many elderly people wish to practice exercises which can help them ‘burry’ such feelings and look for a more quiet state of mind. Tai Chi offers them that as its ‘portfolio’ still looks good after 700 years of great results.

The words Tai Chi translated from Chinese mean “Supreme Ultimate Fist”, and complete the name of the art of relaxation and mediation. Tai Chi Quigong Shibashi is the name of a set of 18 movements which improve a person’s health and are known to prologue life. The set of movements does wonders with the body’s level of flexibility and is able to improve a person’s level of meditation as well as abdominal breathing which is considered to be mandatory in order to reach a state of complete calmness. ‘Chi’ represents the energy which runs through the body and needs to be corrected in order to flow in the right amount through the internal organs in order to keep them healthy. The same principle applies to muscles and helps to improve their tonus.

Dr Mrudula Thakkar, age 70, has been practicing Tai Chi for 30 years and is a strong supporter of what it can accomplish for the human body. He said:

Shibashi’s principle is to be in rhythm with the universe. Exercising in a group ensures that the energy moves within, so it’s not confined but open.

Each exercise has its own name like peacock movements or hitting the tiger’s ears and monkey offers fruit to God. The names are strongly related to the feelings people are subjected to when they do these types of exercises. “For instance, if we’re performing dragon circling the mountain, we feel that energy. We feel powerful like a dragon and that does immense to our morale too,” adds Dr. Thakkar.

Elderly people accept doing these exercises because they appear as miracles against arthritis and hypertension. Tai Chi is better described when practiced as its credibility needs to be felt rather than explained.


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