Sleep position reveals facts about your relationship


A new study has found that partners who sleep close to each other are more likely to have a happy, fulfilling relationship.

The study found that partners who slept less than one inch apart were probably content with their relationship than the ones who maintain a distance in excess of 30 inches.

It was also found that couples who constantly touch were happier than those who had a rule of ‘no touching’ while asleep.

These statistics were revealed after a survey of about 1000 people was completed.

The results of the study indicated that around 86% of couples who kept a distance of less than an inch from each were happier with their relationship than the 66% of partners who slept more than 30 inches from each other.

The study revealed that about 42% of the couples preferred back to back lying and 31% preferred facing the same direction. Around 4% preferred facing each other.

Of the respondents, 12% slept less than an inch apart, while only 2% kept a distance of more than 30 inches.

Professor Richard Wiseman, a psychologist from the University of Hertfordshire, said one of the most important variances was touching. He said that 94% of those who retained contact during the night were happy in their relationship, compared to 68% who did not touch.

This study was undertaken as part of the Edinburgh International Science Festival. Professor Wiseman is known as the author of Night School, which looks at the science related to sleep and dreams.

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