Sexual activity decline in 2014


A new survey has revealed that more than 40% of British couples are having less sex this year due to their busy lives and their pets intruding in the bedroom.

The list includes long working hours and financial worries.

Participants in the survey were questioned on the number of times per week they and their partner have sex. It was revealed that the average couple in the UK has sex about twice a week.

In response to the question as to whether they were having less sex now than they were a year ago, 41% answered ‘yes’.

Around 34% of the participants stated that financial worries played a huge role in the lack of sex, and 34% blamed longer working hours than during 2013. Around 31% of the respondents blamed having their pet in bed with them, and 29% placed the blame on an active social life.

The participants were asked if they felt happier and more secure in their relationship when they were having more sex, to which 58% replied ‘yes’.

The poll, which was commissioned by VoucherCodesPro, indicated that 43% of the respondents had concerns that their partner was no longer attracted to them when they had less sex.

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