Research suggests the boardroom affects the bedroom!


Although those that earn huge salaries may have larger homes and top of the range cars, they are losing out when it comes to their love lives.

New research has shown that only 4% of top earners have sex daily – this figure triples for those who fall in the lower salary brackets.

The survey revealed that individuals who earn in excess of £50,000 per year have sex once a week. By comparison, only 17% of individuals who earn below £15,000 a year have sex once each week.

It was shown that those who earn between £15,000 and £34,000 have sex a few times per week, compared to 44% of those who earn in excess of £50,000.

This comes as no surprise as 20% of the low earners claim ’10 out of 10’ for sex drive, while 10% of those in the high income bracket make this claim.

The one difference is that while the higher paid people may have less sex, they do tend to be more adventurous when it happens.

Sir Richard Branson, the Virgin billionaire, has admitted to joining the ‘mile-high club when he was a young adult. This is an indication that high achievers are into more adventurous sex.

During his interview with GQ magazine, he said he was travelling in economy on a Freddie Laker flight heading to LA when he was seated next to a very attractive lady. The two started chatting and one thing led to another, which was extremely exciting. He was only 19 at the time.

He stated that the one problem with plane toilets is the lack of space. This means that the acrobatics cannot last for too long as there is not enough room and people start banging on the door.

Around 45% of top earners have been involved in a threesome at least once, while only 19% of low earners have done so. A massive 83% of high earners have made love outdoors, while in the low income group, only 66% have.

When it comes to bondage, 40% of the low earners are interested, while 33% of the top earners have tried it.

The 1600-person survey was undertaken by sex toy firm Lovehoney, and seems to confirm that people, who prefer the dominant role in their career, become more passive in the bedroom. About four-fifths of the top earners prefer that their partners go on top, while two-thirds of the low earners prefer to be driving the act.

Everyone has agreed on one aspect. Individuals in all the income groups rate their skills at lovemaking at an average of 70%.

A spokesman from Lovehoney said that high earners normally work longer hours or spend a lot of time thinking about their jobs, which would lead to them having sex less often. He said that they will also not place much emphasis on maintaining their relationships. This is the reason why they tend to have more casual relationships. He stated that top earners are normally not averse to taking risks, hence the high number who are willing to have sex outdoors.

The spokesman said that it was great to see that lower earners who generally tend to have longer term relationships are adding spice to their relationships by trying new things, such as bondage, in the bedroom.

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