Overcome child obesity with water only at mealtimes


Experts state that in order to overcome the obesity crisis, children should not be given sugary drinks with meals.

They state that sugary drinks are empty calories and people no longer drink water with their meals.

This call comes in anticipation of Public Health England’s publication of their plans to cut the sugar intake of the nation.

Sugar producer, AB Sugar, stated that the demonization of one ingredient will not solve the obesity epidemic. The Head of Food Science at the company, Dr Julian Cooper, said that people should balance their levels of exercise with their calorie intake to gain positive results.

Current advice stipulates a maximum of 11% of daily calories should be derived from added sugars. If alcohol is excluded, the amount should be 10%.

Scientists speaking before the announcement by Public Health England said that there were no easy solutions to solving the obesity problem. Professor Susan Jebb, from Oxford University, said that something other than sugar should be chosen as the focus, and parents should encourage their children to drink water. She stated that once children have been weaned, children should drink water or milk.

The Head of Diabetes and Nutritional Sciences at King’s College London, stated that the main problem was that people no longer drink water and families should have water on the table, not sugary, fizzy drinks.

The World Health Organisation has stated in their draft guidelines that sugar consumption should not exceed 10% of the daily energy intake, and that people should be targeting a level of 5%.

Some of the proposals expected in Public Health England’s guidelines include a proposed tax on soft drinks.

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