Obese Children Taken Into Care


During the past five years as many as 74 children have been removed from their families and placed in care because of their obesity.

The report stated that approximately 183 children under the age of 11 in Wales, Scotland and England have been recorded with weights in excess of 16st during the past three years. Eight more children weighed in at above 20st. The heaviest child weighed 23st 2lb, according to the Daily Mirror.

The country has seen a 12% increase in under-16s who have been admitted to healthcare facilities for obesity. The number of hospital admissions for obesity across the UK is lower for all age groups, except for those under 16 and 65 and above.

The Daily Mirror approached 206 local authorities that have responsibility to protect children. Of these, 128 responded with figures. The figures indicated that around 26 to 46 children who were morbidly obese were removed from their families by social services. If a calculation was done to take into account the missing figures from councils that did not respond, it is believed that the figure could be as high as 74.

The County Council of Nottinghamshire took seven children into care. This is the highest of the councils that responded to the request. In Oxfordshire, three under-16 children were removed, Monmouthshire and Cornwall councils removed two each, and Havering, Portsmouth, South Ayrshire, Hounslow and Salford removed one each.

The two primary school children who weighed the most, a boy and a girl, weighting 23st 2lb and 22st 11lb respectively, were both from the North West. London is top of the list of the fattest 100 children in the UK, with 21. It is followed by the West Midlands which has 16 and the South East which has 14.

The risks of developing heart disease, cancer and type-2 diabetes places these children at risk, hence the removal from their families.

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