Drug testing to prevent obese children


Obese pregnant women can benefit from a new drug that is able to counteract the risk of giving birth to obese children. This is a test made by the NHS in order to reduce the number of obese newborns.

Women who have too much fat in their bodies can give their fetuses too much calories, which means that their bodies will also gain too much weight. Weight poses a problem to newborns because of their frail organs that are most likely to suffer severe consequences. Newborn baby health problems are taken very seriously by doctors in the United Kingdom. They use Metformin to fight off a possible development of diabetes in their bodies.

Weight Concern believed it was a great way to ensure the babies a proper development, but women should actually try to reduce their weight before getting pregnant just to be on the safe side. Researchers have found out that almost 15% of all pregnant women admitted in UK hospitals are diagnosed as obese. This problem can lead to stillborn babies and even the mother’s death.

Babies who are born larger than the average known weight are predisposed to get obese when they grow up. Obese women are known to resist the hormone insulin. This makes their bodies impervious to warning coming from the immune system and so the blood sugars are free to go up. Metformin comes to aid the insulin and cut down on the amount of sugar intake.

Dr. Ian Campbell, who is the medical director of Weight Concern, is looking at the problem from two angles. He said:

It’s intriguing and sadly it’s necessary to look at. In an ideal world you would want women to take stock of their weight before pregnancy, but in reality that’s not going to happen.

A hundred obese women will take Metformin as part of a study which will take almost three year to complete. It will hinder the resistance to insulin and it will ensure a proper evolution of the babies inside their mothers’ wombs.


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