Almost half of all British soldiers are overweight


A study made by the Ministry of Defence revealed that 44.9% of all British soldiers appeared to be overweight, while another 12.1% were declared obese.

According to the report made by the Defence, this “current problem” is extremely serious as it involves the health of the people who need to defend the country. It also means that those who wiggle their belly while doing push-ups can “reduce collective operational” performance levels.

Major Paul Sanderson, who is a physical trainer for the army, had to take a PHD study at the School of Sport in order to gain the degree in Exercise and Health sciences. The major studied at Loughborough University and had to analyse all the data from the Defence Analytical Services Agency. This agency works with weight levels as well as height and waist measurements of almost 50,000 soldiers between 17 and 55.

The researchers wished to make things clearer by saying that the army needs a fit personnel, which actually means that bigger should not be replaced with fatter. Men were lead to believe that they had to get bigger in the sense that they should be able to withstand the training. This is not what doctors usually agree with. Army men don’t need body fat or more muscle to increase endurance and other training performances.

The army is not free of quality health checks as 2009 marked the beginning of a new weight management program. All army personnel had to conform to what the Army Obesity Study believed.

These numbers show just how close the British army is to that of the Americans. Many soldiers pertaining to the latter of the two were regarded as “too fat to fight”. The obesity levels are still under those recorded for the civilians, but nonetheless, they are too high.

Major Sanderson’s study just shows how easily soldiers can get fat if the army requests certain physical exercises and believes that strength is more important than stamina.


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