Not bad to drink a bottle of wine a day


Depending on whether you are male or female, Britain’s daily recommended allowance of alcohol consumption is about one medium to large glass of wine. However, a leading scientist in this field has stated that drinking just more than a bottle of wine per day may not do any harm.

Dr Kari Poikolainen, a former World Health Organisation alcohol expert, has done analysis on years of research into the effects alcohol has on the human body.

His conclusion is that alcohol consumption is only harmful if you drink more than 13 units each day. That is the equivalent of more than one bottle of wine or four to five pints of beer, which normally contains around 10 units.

His belief is that if you consume more than the recommended daily allowance you may be healthier than someone who does not imbibe at all.

Dr Poikolainen said that the results of his research indicate that you would be better off drinking moderate amounts than abstaining. However, he states that drinking heavily would be worse than not drinking at all. He has said that the moderate amounts could be slightly higher than the recommended amounts.

In response to these comments, Julia Manning from 2020Health has stated that his contribution to the debate on alcohol consumption is not helpful at all. She stated that it makes grand claims with no supporting evidence and that alcohol is a toxin with risks that are much higher than its benefits.

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