Have you got Whatsappitis?! Instant Messaging could be a health hazard


According to a Spanish doctor, he believes he has discovered the first case of ‘WhatsAppitis.’ He has issued a warning to users of the app that they are at risk of harm to their general health.

The patient that was seen complained to the doctor of pain in both her wrists. Upon investigation, the doctors found that the pain was due to six hours of responding to WhatsApp messages.

This particular patient was a 27-week pregnant, 34 year old. Granada General Hospital’s Inés Fernandez-Guerrero indicated that there was no history of trauma linked to the patient. The patient had also not taken part in severe physical activity in the days leading up to the event. Once the doctor had spent time talking to the patient, the cause of the pain became clear.

The patient had been working on Christmas Eve and only responded to WhatsApp messages she had received on the following day. This required holding her 130g mobile phone in her hand for a period of at least six hours due to the number of messages that had been received.

The doctor treated the problem by prescribing painkillers and issuing a ban on the use of the mobile phone. However, the patient did not heed the doctor’s ban and used her mobile phone a week later.

Doctors have issued a warning that this type of injury is the latest in a line of hi-tech issues.

During 1990, doctors described their first case of Nintendinitis. Since then they have seen several injuries linked with new technologies and video games. These cases were initially only reported in younger children, but are now also seen in adults.

Doctors have been warned to heed these new disorders, and Tenosynovitis could be one of the new diseases caused by constant texting on mobile phones.

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  1. Oh dear, I have a case of the Whatsappitis, lol! There must be so many undiagnosed cases of this.

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