Global survey shows UK ‘reckless youth’ drinkers and drug-takers are unaware of dangers


According to a recent survey, the UK has the most delusional drug-takers, drinkers and ‘reckless youth’ globally.

Approximately one in three UK drinkers believe that their consumption is lower than average. The most worrying factor is that one third of the people who fall into the high-risk group are unaware that they were placing their lives in danger.

On a global scale, 45% of people were not aware of the drinking guidelines in their country. Although UK drinkers are the most deluded, they are also the most aware of the country’s limits. Around 80% of them are aware of the national guidelines.

The Global Drug Survey posed questions to about 80,000 people globally. The results of the survey indicated that alcohol was the cause of most people being taken to A&E, with the worldwide percentages ranging from 0.7 to 1%.

Young Britons took the top spot for recklessness. About one in three participants in the survey admitted that they took a ‘mystery white powder’ during the past year.

The results of the survey which offers anonymity indicated that there was a threefold increase in the admission to A&E of Ecstasy users. This may be attributable to the doubling of strength in Ecstasy pills.

The participants of the survey were asked about how drugs have affected their work life. Around 20% of the total number who answered the questions admitted that they had taken drugs around one to two hours prior to going to work. Around one fifth of Britons stated that they have been hungover whilst at work.

This study hopes to help communities and people by sharing the information and thereby reducing the harm linked to drug-taking.

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