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This year appears to be the year dedicated to fitness fanatics – as far as mobile apps go. A new report which has been released by app analytics company, Flurry, indicates that fitness and health apps are becoming more popular. In fact, it is growing 87% faster than all other apps.

Flurry undertook a study involving in excess of 6800 iPhone and iPad apps in the health and fitness category. It found that the usage of these apps has increased by 62%. This indicates that it is much higher than all the other available apps, which have only experienced a 33% increase in its use.

This shows a marked change in the trend, compared to last year. Flurry stated that the overall mobile app industry saw growth of 115% during 2013, based on average daily use, while the fitness and health category experienced a growth rate of 49%.

There is no clear reason for the increase, however one of the reasons being thrown about is that many of the top players in the tech industry have entered the current fitness and health craze during the past few months and are marketing their own accessories and apps.

Samsung have introduced two smartwatches and a fitness band, with a focus on health features. Apple has just announced an upcoming iOS8 HealthKit software system, which will allow users to track data related to their health. Facebook recently acquired Moves, a fitness and health tracking app. Google is said to be preparing a new health service platform which will be named Google Fit.

Flurry believes the growth in the market can also be attributed to the improvement in apps which has made it easier for users to integrate the data with Facebook and other social media networks. This allows for support from friends, a sharing of achievements and competition among friends. This has resulted in the viral distribution of this type of app throughout social media.

Flurry calls those who are spending time on these apps ‘fitness fanatics’. It has been revealed that the main users of health apps are females between the ages of 35 and 54. It has been found that fitness fanatics are 62% female, of which 47% falls into the middle-age category. The average users have been found to be parents, avid runners and sports fans that do not spend much time on mobile gaming and social networks.

Flurry has stated that half of 2014 has passed and app usage is heading towards another triple digit growth this year, with many sectors following suit. The group has predicted that 2014 will see holiday season commercials targeting soccer mums.

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