Tangerines are the new superfruit


Tangerines are one of the best natural resources for preventing heart attacks as well as obesity. Studies have shown that nobiletin, which is a pigment present in the tangerine peel can aid the hearth ten times better than the one found in grapefruits. Not only the heart is the one gathering the laurels of a healthy tangerine diet, but also the whole body which has the possibility to create a sturdy barrier against diabetes.

Like all experiments prior to human based discoveries, Canadian researchers tested tangerines on mice, placing them into groups that were provided with diets rich in fats. The mice then became obese, showing a high level of cholesterol and a very fat liver. These signs are particularly linked to heart diseases, diabetes and other risks involving all internal organs.

A second group of mice got to enjoy portions of Nobiletin injected in their food. This group then showed good signs of staying in the normal scales of weight and cholesterol, as well as insulin and glucose. Such a championing substance left the second group mice with a strong and healthy liver.

Dr. Murray Huff, the lead scientist said:

The Nobiletin-treated mice were protected from obesity. And in longer-term studies, Nobiletin also protected these animals from atherosclerosis, the build-up of plaque in arteries, which can lead to a heart attack or stroke. This paves the way for future studies to see if this is a suitable treatment for related conditions in people.

Dr. Huff said that there is no doubt about Nobiletin’s potency when compared to that of Narigenin. The doctor also managed to experiment some more with the tangerine pigment and found out that it is also able to prevent people from getting atherosclerosis.

Tangerines have a benefic on the whole body and this is due to the activation of certain genes which are associated with incinerating fat and improving blood circulation.


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