One glass of wine as bad as three vodka shots


A leading health boss has stated that a large glass of wine could be as bad for you as drinking three vodka shots.

The chief executive of Public Health England (PHE), Duncan Selbie, has warned that liver disease is known as a ‘silent killer’ and it is now responsible for 500% more fatalities among working age people than it was during the 1970s.

He said it is a silent killer, and 75% of those with cirrhosis are only diagnosed upon admission to hospital. At present, it is the third biggest killer of working age adults, after self-harm and ischemic heart disease.

He added that liver disease is preventable, with the main risk factors being alcohol, obesity and viral hepatitis. He said a large glass of wine is equivalent to three vodka shorts, but it is easy for people to pour a glass of wine and not be aware of exactly how much they are drinking.

According to the NHS, a glass of wine measuring 250ml, with an alcohol volume of 12.5% is equivalent to three units, while a single vodka shot, with an alcohol volume of 40% is equal to one unit.

Experts have published a blueprint for tacking the issue of liver disease within the UK.

According to the Lancet Commission on Liver Disease it is the one glaring exception to the huge improvements which have been made in life and health expectancy for disorders, such as many cancers, heart disease and stroke, over the past three decades.

One of the many recommendations made by the commission includes ‘scaling up’ national action in a bid to reduce alcohol consumption.

It has called for the introduction of a minimum price of around 50p per unit and the restriction of alcohol in stores to certain times of the day and within ‘designated areas’ only.

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