Increase in demand for healthier Christmas hampers


Christmas is normally a time when everyone over-indulges.

This appears to have changed as shoppers are switching to healthier options.

According to retailers, there has been a demand for ‘healthy hampers’ containing items such as chia jam, coconut oil, herbal tea and quinoa. This is a long way from traditional hampers, which used to include patés, rich cheeses and creamy chocolates.

An example of this is the Christmas food basket available from Primrose’s Kitchen, which contains two raw vegetable mueslis and three raw nut butters, along with its large amount of shredded paper. This £25 hamper has been described as ‘perfect for a healthy Christmas morning’.

The Jax Coco and Retreat Cafe’s gluten-free hamper includes goji berries, coconut water, sundried tomato pesto, chia jam, coconut oil, herbal tea and organic honey.

For those looking for a high-end hamper, you can purchase the £90 version from Whole Foods Market, called the Healthy and Fit hamper. It contains hemp protein powder, magnesium flakes and vitamin C, as well as a yoga mat.

But what has caused this shift in choice?

According to the head grocery buyer and hamper creator at Planet Organic, Chinzalee Sonami, their traditional hampers used to contain balsamic vinegars, chocolates and fine olive oils, but many clients have requested more nutritious, healthier hampers. This prompted them to expand their range to cope with this demand from customers.

They have seen a crossover between food and health as eating well implies being healthy and their new hampers show that you can still indulge while you are on a special diet.

They have also created raw Christmas boxes at a cost of £125, specially designed ‘for the ultimate raw foodist’. It contains raw bread made with broccoli, a few jars of raw nut butters, raw chocolate and chia seeds.

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