Grapefruit juice may be the answer to weight loss


A study done by researchers at the University of California has shown that drinking grapefruit juice, rather than water, may be the answer to weight loss problems.

The research found that mice following the same high-fat diet, but drinking grapefruit juice, gained less weight than the ones drinking water. It also found improved blood sugar and insulin levels in those drinking the juice. According to the researchers, the juice seemed to work as well as metformin, a prescription drug used in the treatment of diabetes.

The juice given to the mice did not contain pulp and the researchers are not entirely sure why it appeared to aid in keeping weight off.

The study discovered that mice on a high-fat diet gained around 18% less weight when they were given no-pulp, clarified grapefruit, compared to the group who were given water.

Along with showing improved glucose and insulin level, the grapefruit-fed mice also showed improved levels of triacylglycerol, compared to those on water only.

During the study, researchers split the mice into six groups, including one water-drinking group.

They added artificial sweeteners and glucose to the water, to allow it to reach the same saccharin and calorie content of the juice.

Some of the mice were fed a diet consisting of 60% fat, whilst others were placed on a 10% fat diet for a period of 10 days. The researchers did not find a huge effect on mice that were on a low-fat diet.

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