Deep-fried Mars bars could initiate a stroke


Doctors have issued warnings that deep-fried Mars bars could trigger a stroke.

They state that the 1200-calorie snack is so fattening that it may reduce the blood supply to the brain.

The researchers, based at Glasgow University, offered the batter-coated chocolate bars to 24 people. Their prediction was that eating the chocolate bar would result in a blockage in an artery which leads to the brain, resulting in what is known as an ischaemic stroke.

They noticed that the blood to the brain had slowed in the males, a mere 90 minutes later.

William Dunn was responsible for performing scans on the volunteers and he said that they have revealed that the consumption of a fat and sugar-laden snack can affect the blood flow to the brain within minutes. He said the reduction of the blood vessels’ reactivity has been linked to an increased stroke risk previously, but the observed changes were modest.

The researchers observed no difference in the blood flow in the brains of the female volunteers.

The recipe for the deep-fried Mars bar was developed at the Carron Fish Bar in Stonehaven, Aberdeenshire during 1992 when a young lad requested ‘a Mars Bar supper’.

The manageress of the store at the time, Ann Straiton, thought the boy was joking and threatened to have him thrown out. He said he was serious, so she battered the bar and placed it into the fryer. The bar was served with a portion of chips and the young boy was very happy.

The current owner of the store, Lorraine Watson, said she sells around 150 bars per week.

The treat is also sold by the Grill On The Square in Leicester Square, in London. The chef at the restaurant, Daniel Smalley, said the secret to the treat is to ensure that the batter is kept very cold. He said it needs to be kept at around zero degrees as that is what provides the light, crisp texture. The bar should be placed into fat for around 60 to 90 seconds, in a fryer which has been set to 170c.

He said the taste is complex and with the different textures, it is the best thing to eat. However, you should ensure that you starve for the rest of the week.

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