Coca Cola to display high sugar content warning on bottles and cans


Coco-Cola has agreed to place a red warning logo on all its cans to show high sugar content. This is a complete U-turn by the company bosses.

The company opted for a colour coded system which will help consumers identify healthier products in a bid to improve their diet.

The company has been one of the international brands who have fought against using colour coded labels, mainly since they were not prepared to place a red warning logo on bottles and cans.

However, the group has now made the decision to display this, possibly due to the fact that sales of its full sugar original coke version are far below that of its healthier versions, Diet Coke and Coke Zero.

The labelling system makes use of green, amber and red on a nutrition label to indicate whether the product has a low, medium or high salt, sugar and fat content. Other figures will indicate how much one portion of the particular product contributes to the daily recommended maximum.

The company stated that the adoption of the new labelling system was consistent with their commitment to offer consumers nutrition information.

The general manager of Coca-Cola UK and Ireland, Jon Woods, said the company placed careful consideration on the new scheme when it was first released last year, but decided they would continue with the single-colour guideline daily amounts system which had been tried and tested in Europe. They have monitored the labelling system since its store inception and have asked the British shoppers for their comments.

The response from consumers was that they wanted a single, consistent front-of-pack label across all drink and food products to allow them to make the most suitable choices personally and for their families. This has resulted in the company placing the new labelling format on their products.

Jane Ellison, the Public Health Minister, has expressed her delight at the adoption of the new system by Coca-Cola UK. She said it will allow consumers to make informed choices.

This adoption of the new labelling system is in accordance with a voluntary scheme called the Responsibility Deal.

The chairman of the regime, Dr Susan Jebb, welcomed the announcement by Coca-Cola. She said this was a step forward for the company, along with the work they have done to decrease the sugar content in their products.

The new labels are set to appear on products in stores during the first half of the new year.

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