Apples best for lowering cholesterol levels


Apples truly appear to be a godsend as women who consumed about 75 grams of dried apples daily for a period of 6 months revealed a drop in LDL type cholesterol, the type that can create arterial blockages. Apples can even add to the amount of HDL cholesterol, which is considered to be good for the capillaries. The same study on women revealed an increase of about 4%, and that apples contributed to a weight loss of approximately 3lb even though the caloric intake was reaching 240 per day.

The fruits are known to contain the much needed anti-oxidants required by the body in order to maintain a steady diet and a controllable appetite.

Doctor Bahram Arjmandi from the Florida State University was astounded to see that apples can be the cause of such a vertiginous drop in cholesterol levels. He said he

never expected apple consumption to reduce bad cholesterol to this extent”. While attending a conference in Washington, he stated that “everyone can benefit from consuming apples.

The test made on women only showed results that were based on dry apples. People who wish to consume fresh apples should not be worried. Scientists can alter the genetic code of apples and improve their taste, shape, and chemical content.

In just five years from now, supermarkets will have healthier apples standing on their shelves. The current daily intake of anti-oxidants requires eating about 4 or 5 apples. If everything goes well and the super-healthy apples will be ready in a few years time, people will only need to consume about two genetically enhanced apples a day.

Only apples of a reddish flesh can be produce the much needed effects such as preventing heart diseases, cancer or even conditions such as Alzheimer. These fruits can become an indispensable product if people will learn about their curative effects.


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