Alcohol is a large reason why diets fail


Dieters believe that food is the sole culprit of caloric intake and completely disregard alcohol as a cause for their increase in weight. According to a study made by Drinkaware, a charitable firm, more people regard cheeseburgers as a main cause for obesity and didn’t believe that a glass of wine packed 134 calories.

Chris Sorek from Drinkaware thinks that people don’t usually pay attention to alcohol when they try to lose weight. This is wrong because alcohol too, has caloric content and contributes to an increase in body mass. He said:

We know people understand calories better than they understand alcoholic units and this study shows that, when it comes to tracking alcohol consumption, many people have a ‘blind spot’.

This is why most people still have the same weight and wonder why this happened when everything they placed on that shopping list was weighed and accounted for. The common bottle of wine can add to the caloric intake and thus, fatten the body even though the calories coming from the meals were all present and accounted for.

Out of 2,000 Britons which answered to the poll, about a third admitted to have known about their normal caloric intake registered for a day. Only one in ten people out of that third managed to think about alcohol consumption and the calories within it.

About two thirds expressed their concerns about their bank situations but didn’t think of erasing alcohol out of the shopping list. Most of them believed that they could save money by eating out, buying new clothes or even going on holidays.

These estimates show just how unaware people are when it comes to alcohol consumption and the caloric intake resulting from it. This only concludes that dieters need to further investigate the effects of alcohol on the human body, especially the one regarding body fat followed by money savings without cutting down on food.


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