Dangerous expired food items hiding in our kitchen cupboards


A new study has revealed that there are around 13 items in your pantry that have more than likely passed their expiry date.

The study has shown that items such as tinned food, condiments, dips and dressings are the items most likely to have passed its expiry date. Most herbs and spices, stock cubes and vegetables have also been found to be out of date.

This particular study was initiated by Healthspan to support their launch of a new packaging line which will retain freshness.

The Head of Nutrition at Healthspan, Robert Hobson, has stated that retaining the freshness of food is important if we want to keep the nutrient value and goodness of the foods and not become ill due to eating expired foods. He stated that eating foods that are past its expiry date will generally not cause much harm, but care must be taken, particularly during the warmer months ahead.

Along with foods, it is also necessary to keep supplements and vitamins fresh to ensure that their nutrient value is retained. To do this, the purchase of products sealed in foil packaging is recommended.

The raised awareness of wastage has prompted food freezing. To minimise wastage, you could plan your meals beforehand and only buy what you require. The temptation to buy extra food ‘just in case’ should be avoided to eliminate wastage.

The time has come to stop buying goods on a whim and clean out those kitchen cupboards and medicine cabinets.

The poll indicated that risky Britons admitted that they would eat certain foods even if they were aware that it had passed the expiry date. They stated that vegetables, fruit, tinned food and condiments are worth taking a chance on even if it has passed the use by date.

A big surprise was that one in five Brits were willing to eat out of date eggs, however, they limited the number of days by three. It was found that one in ten Brits was willing to eat uncooked meat which had passed its expiry date by four to six days. One in six was willing to give expired mayonnaise a try. One in seven was ready to risk eating ready meals after the expiry date.

The poll revealed that one in five households found rotting vegetables in the back of their cupboard on a regular basis. This is because clear outs only occurred around twice each year.
It was found that one in ten people have never attempted to clean out their medicine cabinet. The poll found that more than one in five people have checked their medicine cabinet in the last five years.

Almost 25% were willing to take the risk of taking supplements or vitamins that were past the expiry date. Many people do not even check the dates before taking the supplements or vitamins.

It was found that those who want to keep their foods fresh do so by freezing what they want to retain or by wrapping it in cling film and storing it in their refrigerator. Most Brits remember that they should store their meats separately.

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