Implant To Reach Orgasm At The Push Of A Button


It is possible for some women to experience multiple orgasms, but others often struggle to achieve a single climax.

Scientists have developed a machine that is able to deliver an orgasm simply by pushing a button. However, you will have to experience some pain to obtain the convenient pleasure the machine offers.

The machine has been designed as an implant that is smaller than a normal packet of cigarettes. This requires medical surgery to be implanted. The orgasm is triggered by the use of electrodes.

According to Jim Pfaus, a researcher in the neurobiology of sexual behaviour, some females are confused between sympathetic arousal, such as clammy hands and increased heart rate, and fear. The feelings they experience prompts them to get out of the situation because they link it with fear. Psychotherapy is the most common treatment method for what is called orgasmic dysfunction, but the implant could be a more manual solution.

The patient will remain conscious throughout the surgical procedure. This is to allow the surgeon to pinpoint the nerves to which to attach the electrodes in the spinal cord of the patient. The electrodes would be connected to a signal generator that may be placed underneath the skin of the buttocks. The implant would be triggered by a remote control, delivering orgasms at will. It will have the facility to be programmed to deliver a number of daily or weekly orgasms.

The finer details of the implant are still in progress and the clinical trials are set for commencement during the latter part of this year.

The technology was discovered by accident by a surgeon at Piedmont Anesthesia and Pain Consultants in North Carolina. The surgeon was in the process of placing electrodes on a patient when she suddenly started to climax emphatically. When questioned about this, she stated that the surgeon should teach her husband how to do that.

Doctors have stipulated that this operation should only be recommended in severe cases of orgasmic dysfunction as it is extremely invasive. However, based on statistics that indicate teenagers enduring painful breast enlargement procedures, they may well be willing to endure this type of invasive surgery to reach a climax.

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