Older Women Most Prone to Anxiety


It has been revealed that older women are the group most likely to be admitted to hospital for anxiety. The most likely age for males is between 45 and 49.

The admission rate for complains related to anxiety and stress has declined across the UK, but females over the age of 60 make up approximately 28% of the total admissions for the year ending November 2013.

This condition has been described as a feeling of inner turmoil and normally appears during times of fear and uncertainty. People are affected by the condition in different ways and the manner in which they are affected is dependent upon their past experiences, current circumstances and personality.

The corporate director of Age UK Leeds, Julia Edmunds, has stated that this situation related to older ladies comes as no surprise to her. She continues by stating that there are several reasons why older women may suffer from anxiety. They often have a role as a carer for partners who are ill or they may have older relatives that require their assistance and care. At that point in their lives, their financial position generally changes as they are in the process of moving from a paid job to a state pension. This reduction in income can have a huge impact on their mental state.

Emotional issues, such as their adult children leaving home, approaching retirement and their partner’s retirement placing them both at home at the same time could cause them to become anxious.
Health issues that require medication could have mood affecting side effects. This could leave the woman feeling socially isolated and lonely.

Women who find themselves in this situation should seek help. There are several available helplines that offer support to those suffering with stress and anxiety.

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