‘Designer vaginas’ very popular with 18-24 year olds


New statistics have shown that ‘designer vagina’ plastic surgery is most popular amongst those in the 18 to 24 year age group.

Transform Cosmetic Surgery has stated that young females in that age group are more likely than any other age group to enquire about labia reduction surgery.

The cosmetic group has, over the past four years, received about 1150 requests from 18 to 24 year olds about this surgery and has attributed the increase in enquiries to ‘unrealistic representation of female genitalia in pornographic materials’.

Although labia reduction may be popular, the top surgical procedure enquiries from young females are nose jobs, tummy tucks, breast reductions, boob jobs and liposuction. Nipple correction is also extremely popular among this age group.

The most popular non-surgical procedures include laser and dental procedures, botox, peels and fillers.

The chief operating officer of Transform, Patricia Dunion, said that they have been offering aid to patients for four decades and have noticed a huge change in the types of enquiries during that time. She said that during the last four years they have had 350000 enquiries from across the country.

She added that the trends provide insight into the influences of the time. Who would have guessed that the Rooney effect would result in 5500 hair transplant enquires or that the noughties would see curvaceous bottoms as the must-have?

Transform is planning to track the information they have at hand over the next 40 years to provide a view of the psyche of Britons when it comes to cosmetic surgery.

A report issued during 2009 stated that ‘designer vagina’ surgery may have long-term risks.

A consultant gynaecologist at University College Hospital, Sarah Creighton, said that this type of surgery should be evaluated in future and for the longer term.

She said that good research is necessary to offer an understanding of the psychological factors behind a woman’s decision to sacrifice sexually sensitive tissue which contributes to erotic experiences, for a particular genital appearance which was previously an obligation for certain glamour models.

She added that alternative solutions, including counselling and support, should be developed and offered to women and girls.

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