Contraceptive pill affects women’s relationships


Researchers have discovered that women who fell in love with their spouses while they were taking the contraceptive pill may find them much less attractive as soon as they stop taking the pill.

Women who are married to males who are not considered to be attractive lost satisfaction in their relationship when they stopped making use of oral contraception.

However, males who are considered to be attractive saw an increase in their wives’ satisfaction level when they stopped taking oral contraception.

The researchers from Florida said that their findings suggest that HC use could have an impact on the close relationships of women. They said that the fact that the use of hormonal contraceptives was connected to marital satisfaction could have both harmful and beneficial implications.

The study involved following 48 couples during a term of four years and 70 couples for a year.

They questioned the couples about their use of birth-control, their sexual and marital satisfaction. They also requested judges who were not involved in the research to rate the level of attractiveness of the faces of the husbands, based on photos provided.

The researchers stated that in both studies it was found that wives who were making use of hormonal contraceptives when their relationship was formed with their husband became less satisfied with the relationship once they discontinued the use of HCs if their husband was considered to be less attractive, but their satisfaction increased if their husband was considered to have an attractive face.

Researchers believe this may be due to the effect of oestrogen and progesterone on the women’s fertility and what they look for in a mate.

Hormonal contraceptives are said to suppress the biological processes linked to female preference for their partner’s genetic fitness and this may be initiated by the facial attractiveness of their partners.

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