Test to Predict Your Death Could Save Lives


Scientists have developed tests that can determine if you will die within the next five years. A simple blood test can determine your risk levels. It has been found that individuals who are currently healthy may show indications of impending death within five years.

Researchers have found that the combination of four chemical signals within the body indicates an overall frailty. They have stated that individuals with these chemical signals that are in disarray were at higher risk of dying within a five year period after the blood tests have been done.

The scientists are excited about this finding as it provides them with the opportunity to save the lives of those who appear to be healthy, but are at risk. The biomarker that is referred to is a biological molecule that is present in body fluids, blood and tissues which indicates that there is a disease, condition or abnormal process present. This level indicates the risk level of disease, as well as the response level to treatment.

Currently, biomarkers are used for testing the risk level related to a particular medical condition. None of these are able to provide an accurate assessment of the overall risk level of a patient, or if the patient is at risk of death in the near future.

The scientists used blood samples from more than 17000 healthy individuals and screened them for different biomarkers. These individuals were monitored for a period of five years. During that time, 684 people succumbed to different diseases and illnesses, including heart disease and cancer. Of this number, it was found that they all indicated similar levels of four distinct biomarkers. Of the participants who had the highest scores of biomarkers, one in five died during the first year of the research project.

The next stage of the study is to determine whether there is a connection between certain biomarkers.

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